About SHH

Formed in 2017, Secure Helping Hand is a GDPR data management system that’s aimed at reducing the complexity of management itself. Designed for SME’s and Sole Traders, we walk you through your GDPR project, educating you along the way in a secure dedicated environment. In time, this can lead to positive gains and long-term growth for your business and your trading potential.

What we do for you

We take you through the process to become GDPR compliant step by step, help you implement the principle of ‘privacy by design’ which is the bedrock of the GDPR, and provide a visual overview of what you have done and what you have left to do to fulfill your obligations


SHH is made up of a number of modules designed to help you fulfill your GDPR requirements. From those in accountancy looking to speed up data management requirements to legal minds and marketing agencies, we make sure our service can be applicable to anyone looking for greater workplace efficiency.


We have worked to put together a platform that helps to improve various aspects of your business life. For example, the Data Inventory Module allows you to map your current data assets; this enables you to categorize your data assets, register all your metadata (data about the data you hold) in one location and manage your Processor to Controller and Processor to Sub-processor requirements. In brief, this can make management of data assets much easier than it is for you at present.

In addition we provide:

  • The Subject Access Module allows you to log and track both Information and Data requests. This helps keep tracking of ongoing requests and pushing through more complex requests, a lot easier than it may feel at present.

  • Also, the GDPR Status Module allows you to see exactly where you stand in your compliance journey and what needs to be addressed in order to become compliant.

  • The Security Checklist lets you log what system security you have in place, gives you access to log breach notifications and supplies a breach notification checklist that you can use in the event of a data breach.

It’s through this multitude of services and skills that SHH can help improve your business operations. Whether you are looking for technical assistance in a technical environment or would like to speed up data management to spread the benefits to your clients, this is the ideal place for you to start.

Need any more information about the SHH module? Want to see how it could effectively work in tandem with your own business? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

We can make sure you have all the help that you need to really make data management less of a headache than it presently is.

For an overview of Features please check out this video.